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{{Infobox shock site
[[File:Danielkeem5.png|thumb|A user calling for the Pain Series to be added to User: Danielkeem5.]]
|title = The Pain Series
|image = Danielkeem5.png
|maker = Huge_Midget (Something Awful)<br>
Encyclopedia Dramatica
|date = April 21, 2011‎
|type = Shock sites
|language =
|country = {{USA}}
|imagecaption = A user calling for the Pain Series to be added to User: Danielkeem5.}}
'''The Pain Series''' is a [[shock site]] located on [[Encyclopedia Dramatica]], Like [[Offended]].
'''The Pain Series''' is a [[shock site]] located on [[Encyclopedia Dramatica]], Like [[Offended]].

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A user calling for the Pain Series to be added to User: Danielkeem5.

The Pain Series is a shock site located on Encyclopedia Dramatica, Like Offended.

the web pages contain montage of gruesome images involving dead people, genital diseases, mutilation, unborn babies, gore, pornography, from other shock sites like Goatse and Tubgirl, and more gruesome content accompanied with a loud scream. The images are clickable links to the Last Measure shock site, which has pornographic content and will probably harm your computer. Pages that include the pain series are Kittens, Puppies, and more.

Banned Users

When a user is banned on Encyclopedia Dramatica, the template {{banned}} and the category Banned Losers is added to the page, which requests another user spam the pain series.


NOTE: The following shock sites and user pages contains extremely graphic images!

  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/Kittens
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/Puppies
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/Pain_Series
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/Worst_picture_ever
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/Awesome.jpg
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/Untitled.jpg
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:Keskoberr/Jeffy.exe
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:BugMeNot/NIGGER_SEX
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/index.php?title=User:Danielkeem5&oldid=915520
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:Albion
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User_talk:Another_n00b
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:Zombine3D
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:Worldofwhorecraft
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:Kool2
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:EBA
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:MGHSH
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User_talk:Uapunkassfag
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/index.php?title=User:JIDF_Admin&oldid=1163575
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:Jay
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:Fucktheadmins
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:Satanella
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:Bmpbeverlyhills
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:BobHughes
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:Bomberman
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:Shitinyourlitterbox/Find_The_Gold_Game
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:Knep/Offended
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:Guest2
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:InfallibleKnowledge
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:CrossChipmunk
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:DreamDeLaCremeMeme
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:03bgood
  • The following user page has flashing lights: encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:Adolf_Hitler
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:=^.^=
  • encyclopediadramatica.rs/User:A_grown_man_who_collects_Boglins
  • List of banned users that some might have the pain series on it: encyclopediadramatica.rs/Category:Banned_Losers
  • Safe version: encyclopediadramatica.rs/Pane_Series
  • External Link: web.archive.org/web/20031121124722/crazyninjas.org/kittens/

NOTE: The following website could potentially harm your computer!

  • kittens.bioghost.com