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== Link ==
== Link ==
<u>NOTE</u>: The following is a download link to a [[screamer]] application!
<u>NOTE</u>: The following is a download link to a [[screamer]] application!
* '''mediafire.com/file/vlvekc3cwm7z891/Dolphin+swim+2.exe'''
* mediafire.com/file/vlvekc3cwm7z891/Dolphin+swim+2.exe
* '''Virus Info''': virustotal.com/gui/file/7f0bf53dd84b42e23f6a407f62dfeb614dc723ec5566f6e81aacde8b9ae4615c/detection
[[Category:Unknown maker]]
[[Category:Unknown maker]]

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Dolphin Swim 2.exe is a screamer game made for windows with GameMaker lite 8.1. Its the sequel to Dolphin Swim.exe

Application game

When launched, the player will start off in the Main Menu. When clicking the play button, the player will enter the Level Select. There are three levels: One is called "Normal Ocean", second "Orangic Ocean" and the third one is called "DARK OCEAN" All the levels have different screamers.


Normal Ocean

Like in the first one, the player controls a Dolphin (Now named "Plais" in the game files) with left and right arrow keys. A chiptune music is played in the background. After in 7–8 seconds, the Evil Looking Dolphin from the previous game chases Plais, while the happy chiptune music changes to a scary. When the Evil Dolphin reaches up to the Player, it will result in a screamer.

The screamer is the evil dolphin covered in blood with black eyes and red pupils staring at the player, with the same roar sound from the first game. Only on this level you can return to the Main Menu.

Orangic Ocean

As the level says,the water of the ocean is Orange.A different chiptune music is played in this level. After 9–10 seconds, a weird creature that looks like an orange hydra starts chasing the player, and like in the Normal Ocean level, the music changes to a scary music. When the hydra reaches up to the player, it results in a screamer.

The screamer is the hydra with empty eyesockets. There is no scream. however, the scary music still plays.


This level is different from the others.When clicking on it, it will immediately show a screamer. The screamer is a smiling face with red, bloody eyes. Above the face there is a text saying: "YOU CAN'T ESCAPE".



NOTE: The following is a download link to a screamer application!

  • mediafire.com/file/vlvekc3cwm7z891/Dolphin+swim+2.exe
  • Virus Info: virustotal.com/gui/file/7f0bf53dd84b42e23f6a407f62dfeb614dc723ec5566f6e81aacde8b9ae4615c/detection


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