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Sequel to my User Page:

>Reason why I got hacked >HAPP VORT?????????????????

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WARNING: DO NOT EDIT THIS PAGE USING TinyMCEdit, as this can break my userpage.

For my user talk page, See here:

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an user page, and its not related to Screamer Wiki.

Please DON'T vandalize my user page, thanks.

0. R.I.P ThinkPad - a tribute



R.I.P Cloud's ThinkPad T430 - 2019-2020

1. Wut is ur usernem mean?

The Username is derived from: Character from Final Fantasy series, an character called Cloud Strife (yes i like his face through its fucking handsome).

Just look at his handsome face: (I didn't get the game yet, hopefully got a goddamn PS4 or maybe PS5.)

Cloud Strife at Midgar Slums in FFVII Remake.png


2. Reasons why i created this new account

ErtasVideos previously hacked my Computer and vandalize articles with bad bullshit, but now he stopped after he planned to apologize.
Also: POSReady Gaming has been hacked after that, i gonna get the account back Might gonna not using alt because i can't handle too much alt account.
i made this account to ban any raiders made by Hendicted (now apologized) and rainstorm1650 (rainstorm probably not apologized yet but not sure)

3. My Favorite Video (and game):

No seriously this is the real Half-Life 3, not fake.

and this too: File:H A P P V O R T.mp4

Clearly I created my own screamer in this video:

4. Devicez i hav:

ThinkPad T430 - my Laptop, also a Good masterpiece out there.

My ThinkPad Status: DESTROYED, CPU Fan died, case badly damaged

Custom Bulit Gaming PC (motherboard ASRock H71M-DGS)

Gaming PC Status: WORKING, sometime has issues with RAM but its rarely

iPhone 5 [Black with slate trim] [previously i have the long gone white with silver trim one-]

(not 5s or 5c, just the original 2012 iPhone 5), iPhone 5 Status: WORKING, Partially Damaged: Screen Cracked/Touch works

iPad (1st generation, 2010)

Original iPad Status: Unstable, Bootable, Touch broke (Only works if its connected using VNC/Veency)

5. My unexpected Recommendations page:

What the fuck? does this look even like Disgusting?, oh its just Cloud x Tifa thing...

6. Q&A

Q: What is your PC Specs?


1. Gaming PC Specs
  OS: Windows xp, Vista (currently broken because of missing bootloader), Windows Embedded POSReady 7, 
   Windows 8.1 (using customized Aero8), Windows 10 LTSC 2019 (customized by me as Aero10 Version 2)
  CPU: Intel Core i5-2400 - 3.10Ghz
  RAM: 8GB DDR3 (4GBx2)
  GPU: Nvidia GTX 750Ti (MSI N750Ti, 2GB VRAM)   
2. ThinkPad (mine T430) Specs - NOTE: ThinkPad destroyed, see above.
  OS: Windows 10 LTSC 2019 (Aero10 V2)
  CPU: Intel Core i5-3320M - 2.60Ghz
  RAM: 8GB (8GBx1)
  GPU: Intel HD 4000 (not sure, but i think its around 32-128MB)

Q: What is your favorite game?

A: A-Z:

Battlefield series (except BFV), Call of Duty series (except COD IW), Counter-Strike (all), Doom (not played DOOM 4 and Eternal because my pc is low of storage), GMOD, Half-Life series, L4Dead series, Minecraft, Roblox, more....

Q: e

A: e

Friends: ScreamerWiki123 (also known as SuperNicholas2005)

7. when is Extension:EmbedVideo would be added?! (really needed feature)

The feature i wanted to.

So yeah, this is the feature i wanted. btw i think they added it

Comments about my userpage (Any hate comments will result to get ur account banned)


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