Telekompania VID (Effects and Parody) Part 5

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Tелекомпания ВИD [Effects and Parody] (Part 5) is a compilation video uploaded to YouTube on November 25th, 2018 by Vlad Anfin, and it contains several lots of different screamers at a random moment:

  • At 2:45, a mirrored version of the weird edited ВИD mask in red suddenly appears and moves close to the viewer, accompanied with a male scream sound.
  • At 5:07, the screen becomes black after the marble ball creates the ring and the black circle that fills the entire screen. Then 2 seconds later, the same mask edit from ВИD of Doom appears, accompanied with a weird warping sound.
  • At 7:09, a flurry of the edited ВИD logos from the last parts flash very fast which can cause epileptic seizures.
  • Finally, at 7:41, a super scary creature head pops up along with a demonic scream.


NOTE: The following video contains screamers!



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