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3 Orangutans 1 Blender

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{{stub}}'''3 Orangutans 1 Blender''''' '''is a name given to a an unknown [[shock video]], commonly known from with many reactions on YouTube. it There is a very little is known about this [[Shock video]], it's having since only '''Reaction reaction videos''', which given are proven to be false, since the reaction is actually just acting.The link to the video is very hard to find,as mentioned by other YouTube users, and the video they watch remains unknown to the viewers. It is unknown if the video is real or actually fake. == '''Reactions''' ==[[File:Download.jpg|thumb|300x300px|A "3 Orangutans 1 Blender" Reaction.]]On the reaction videos, people are presented gagging and being slightly disturbed while watching the video.It is however proven, that the reactions are fake, since there is proof, that they are faking the reaction. It is unknown how they found the video, since there are no links given in the description, as well as telling the viewers, that the video is hard to find, and that they should find the link themselves. It is unknown whenever the video they were watching was real,or that they just used a soundtrack for the backround music exist of the video. There is no proof that the video exists, and what exactly happens in the video is never revealed. so it could possibly be a hoax.
=== '''Video''' ===

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