Noggin "360" (1999) Rare Variant

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Noggin "360" (1999) Rare Variant is a screamer uploaded by user ZoogDisneyRocksRedeTupiRocks 1999 WAN AUTTP.

The title claims to be footage of an elusive variant of a station ident for the 1999-2009 children's channel Noggin, where in which the camera flies around a rollercoaster track, entering a hole, and exiting to reveal it was the eye of the Noggin logo, but here, once the camera zooms through the hole, the video suddenly becomes darker and a blaring noise begins to play and various Noggin logos begin to flash around the screen, once the camera exits the hole, the logos dissappear and the Wilhelm Scream, alongside another blood curdling scream, begins to play, at the end, the camera suddenly zooms into the eye of the logo, which then rapidly begins flashing in and out until the video cuts to black.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer with flashing lights!




7 months ago
Score 2++
My first page, I remember creating it back on fandom, cant wait for all the templates to be finished.


2 months ago
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Yeah, but seriously.

Anonymous user #1

7 months ago
Score 1++


5 months ago
Score 3++
I created the video! I remember making it! I still have the Vegas 15 file somewhere...
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