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Funny things is a screamer video uploaded on April 5, 2015 by YouTube user, SnowPeaYes MollyNo.

The video shows a Bandicam recording, the Vyond Version of flurry Minecraft figures (and Wander, Phantom Balloon Boy, and Baymax) with cartoon eyes poorly made cropped onto them with All Night by Icona Pop playing in the background. Soon, it switches to more disturbing music as a disturbing humming of "Laa, la-la-laa laa..." is in the background. However, at the 1:00 mark, a picture of Ahenobarbus Henocied appears with the FNAF 3 screeching sound effect. It stays for about 11 seconds before screeching again. The video then changes to clipart of a laughing stickman with a poorly dubbed text-to-speech laughter sound, the final message says: "Hahahahahahaha You were scared weren't you. you should see your face. Hahahahahahaha".

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NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!



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