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This page is about a website which no longer exists.
Free V-Bucks! Click!

FreeVBucksNoScam.Top was a screamer website created by Lawiki1534.

The screamer claims to be the top website to obtain free V-Bucks for the video game Fortnite Battle Royale. The main page of the website displays a blue background and black text stating, "Click Here for 999,999 FREE V-Bucks!" Once that text is clicked, a picture of Pazuzu from The Exorcist pops up with the same scream from The Maze: The text also appears telling the user to never fall for scams.

If the user scrolls to the very bottom of the main page, text shows up stating that the website is a screamer.

As of October 2019, the website has been closed.


NOTE: The following website and video contains a screamer!

  • Website dump:



5 months ago
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Concerned Christian father here, recently my 11 year old son downloaded the video game Fortnite after playing it at a friend’s house. While I didn’t mind at first, it soon began to affect his character. Within a week, he had taken up hard drugs and smoking. When asked to do his homework, he called me a “default” and did a strange dance. His grades have been dropping heavily ever since that day and now he’s threatening me with violence. Yesterday I entered his room to see him smoking a cigar and playing extremely Loud rave (sinner) music, he has dyed his hair blue and now refuses to go to Bible study unless we “take the battle bus”. I don’t know what that is but he refuses to take any form of transport except that. Please I am so concerned, what do I do?


2 months ago
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Mental disabilities probably. I play Fortnite on occasion and I never do that.

Especially not the church stuff, I’m atheist, but not all Fortnite players are drug induced freaks
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