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Ellis is ghost girl that appears at lomando.com, she appears as ghost girl with long black hair, and her eyes and mouth were bleeding and she has terrifying smile that gives lomando.com jumpscare more scarier than unusual.


If you click anything excluding the ad, suddenly she unexpectedly pops up with black screen and blood curling scream played.


If you waiting too long, she would suddenly pops up with same scream played, but this time she unexpectedly appears at different position and her hair is now visible.


She made minor appearance where she briefly appears with giggle and vanished


She appears coming out from yokai cat before disappearing


She made appearance at one of the catshow video where he promotes fancy island horror sticker set 1 and 2. I give a timestamp of her appearance so you won't get bored. 0:13 she is visible at window 0:33 she is peeking behind the bed before disappearing 0:57 she suddenly rises behind catshow (only half of her face is shown)


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