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Doomsday Csupo is a screamer video based on the 1998 Klasky-Csupo logo. Originally uploaded in 2012 as an appearance on More 9K Outtakes: Recent Batch of Rejects, it has since become popular online, with many parodies and even versions with no screamers. The original version was made by Kyoobur9000 on March 4th, 2012. It starts off with the G-Major version what it said logo appearing on the screen, complete with video effects from Sony Vegas/MAGIX VEGAS Pro (in the specific order): color-inversion, the hue-shift to about 165 degrees, mirroring horizontally, and the "TV Simulator" effect; as well as a demonic tone to the voices and music. Before the logo gets it's 14 seconds, however, an edited BND mask logo from the original BND logo zooms in quickly to the viewer with a loud demonic scream (provided by the author himself). After a few seconds, the black screen is shown, a slowed down G-Major version of an unknown logo jingle plays quietly.

Outtakes Version

In the outtakes version, an image of Jeff the Killer with Smile.jpg's grin (Smile Jeff) pops up with the same scream from K-fee commercials.

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NOTE: The following videos contain screamers!

Quick Version:

Jeff the Killer Version: