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This page is about a screamer of which the original copy was deleted.

The Simpsons Comic: Find Ned Flanders In This Panel! is a screamer video published on YouTube by Para Para Revolution (known in this wiki as CrysRocksXY and in YouTube as Para Para Revolution). Released in February 18, 2018, the video shows a panel from The Simpsons comic book called "The Yes-Man Who Would Be King". It is similar to the Where's Waldo? screamer. The video forces users to find Ned Flanders in the comic's panel while a speed-up version of "Watch Out" by Bambee plays quietly in a background. When the video reaches 0:25, a white girl with large eyes, large pupils, and a bloody mouth (from Planet Dolan's "15 Creepiest Things A Child Has Ever Said") appears while a very loud, male scream plays. After, a scene from the 1984 Perman episode plays when a pink text that reads "Fooled!" appear, then the text shifts to "Look for more videos on my Generation Star YouTube channel!". Both are accompanied by a chorus of "Call Me" by Babe, which is also speed up.

On November 2018, it was deleted along with Baikinman's Heartbeat.

Description[edit | edit source]

Can you find Ned Flanders in this comic panel?

From The Simpsons Comic: "The Yes-Man Who Would Be King"

The Simpsons belongs 20th Century Fox and Matt Groening.
The Simpsons Comics belong to Bongo Comics.

Songs used in this video:
"Watch Out" by Bambee (my speed up version)
"Call Me" by Babe (also my speed up version)

By the way, if I ever obtain a copyright notice from YouTube, I'll be in trouble!

Link[edit | edit source]

NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.

  • (video deleted)


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